Ginger Cat Chillin' Like a Little Person

Ginger Cat Chillin' Like a Little Person


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Red, a healthy ginger boy, often sits like a little human, stretching out his legs over the edge of the table. I have had many cats all my life and have never seen one do this. It's quite amazing!

"This is my cat, Red. He does this often & I'm glad I was able to video him in action," Amy wrote.

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They finally caught him doing it in action:

Red is not the only kitty that likes to sit like a little person. Look at these adorable kitties:

Pooter by Rachel Marlene Graham

Kiwi by Amy McDonald

Baxter by Gage Hall

Tux by Danielle Millar

Watch video: Willie the cat. He is so proper!

Do you have a cat that sits like a human? Share with us!

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