Ginger Kitten Rescued from a Car Engine

Ginger Kitten Rescued from a Car Engine


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One morning Nico from Italy discovered a little kitten hiding near the engine of his car possibly frightened by the storm the night before.

"It took us half an hour to get the kitten out of the car, but he quickly escaped and immediately took refuge underneath the car in the spare tire," said Nico. He called his office to let his boss know that he would be late for work because of the kitty.

Another half an hour past, Nico and his friends had tried everything they could to coax the kitten out. "Despite all the scratching and biting that I had to go through, we finally had the kitten in a box and safely brought him to the house."

"When we arrived in the house, the kitten went under a stone fireplace right away!" It was his little hiding spot where he felt safe to be in.

"From that point on, he became my little cat. I completely fell in love with him."

Photos courtesy of ©Nico (.chourmo.).

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