Guy Spends a Day in Cat Paradise to Hang Out with Hundreds of Rescue Kitties


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This guy spent a day at a 12-acre cat paradise so he could hang out with hundreds of rescue kitties.

YouTube/Cole and Marmalade

Chris Poole, servant of Cole and Marmalade, set out for an adventure to the Cat House on the Kings, the largest no-cage cat sanctuary in California for feral and abandoned cats.

"In the past 24 years The Cat House on the Kings has rescued over 28,000 cats," Chris said.

"It's truly an amazing sanctuary that saves so many lives. The staff and volunteers do a great job keeping the property and residents in purrfect shape."

Chris was greeted by a tuxedo kitty while he was on his way to the offices and kitten rooms.

YouTube/Cole and Marmalade

The kitty demanded hugs right meow!

YouTube/Cole and Marmalade

There are currently over 700 feline residents at the cat sanctuary, but that number can shoot up to 1,000 when kitten season starts.

The senior cats come for a quick inspection when Chris is having lunch.

YouTube/Cole and Marmalade

There are a lot of mouths to feed at the Cat House on the Kings. Every week they go through over 1,000 cans of wet food and 1,400 pounds of dry food.

YouTube/Cole and Marmalade

Watch this amazing place in this adorable video:

Happiest guy in the world.

Share this story with your friends. If you would like to support their rescue efforts, click here to see how you can help. Follow the Cat House on the Kings on Facebook. Visit Cole and Marmalade's Facebook and YouTube channel for more cool videos.

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