Halia the Ginger Baby

Halia the Ginger Baby


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Little Halia, a ginger tabby kitty came to her new home when she was around 2 months old. "I adopted my first cat, Citizen Kat, (who was abandoned along with her seven siblings at a veterinary hospital) a couple of years before I realized that she needed a friend," said Halia's mom.

When the little ginger girl met her mom for the every first time, she was named "Angelina." They bonded right away and it was definitely love at first sight for both of them. "I simply couldn't resist her cuteness. I had to take her home with me. I renamed her Halia because it means Ginger in the Malay language. She is a loving, sweet and very playful cat. She sleeps with her toy lamb and would carry it around daily."

Though Citizen Kat and Halia get along very well and have become forever best friends, Halia sometimes gets jealous of her sister when Citi is getting "too much" attention from her mom. "Halia can be very jealous, but she is very much loved and I couldn't imagine my life without her."

Photos courtesy of ©greysweater.

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