Help! Cat Music Video

Help! Cat Music Video


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One kitten and her offspring can produce up to 300,000 kittens a year. There are hundreds of thousands of cats brought to shelters every year and the sad truth is that many of them end up being euthanized. You may think that most of these homeless cats are children of feral cats. The reality is that many of them are offspring of beloved family pets. Some are even pure breeds. Maybe the cats sneaked out of the house one time or the litter was intentional, but helping them find a new home was not successful.

The reason that animals are put down at some shelters is because there are always more animals coming in than willing families to adopt them. No-kill shelters always find themselves struggling with over-capacity.

Alliance for Humane Action (AHA!) created a music video to help raise the awareness of spaying and neutering. The video carries an important message from our cats and shows what we can do to help save lives. [Do Spayed or Neutered Cats Live Longer?]

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