Heroic Man Rescues Kitten Stranded in Flood Waters

Heroic Man Rescues Kitten Stranded in Flood Waters


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A man spotted a kitten caught in flood waters and leapt into action to save the helpless feline, but he didn't just stop there.

The kitten was stranded in the middle of a flooded street.

Marko Männiste/Jukin Media

These guys were driving along a street in Tallinn, Estonia during a heavy storm that flooded the city. Right around the interaction, they spotted a kitten stranded in the rising waters, a young man jumped out of the car and hopped into action.

Marko Männiste/Jukin Media

He scooped up the kitten who was so glad to be out of the cold waters.

Marko Männiste/Jukin Media

The man carefully crossed the street with the kitten in his hands and brought him into his car.

Marko Männiste/Jukin Media

Watch the rescue in this video:

"After the rescue, the kitten was safe and warm," Marko Männiste said. They didn't just stop there, and began to look for a home for the kitty.

Photo: Marko Männiste

The kitten was named Tilk, which means 'drop' in English.

A kind-hearted young woman offered to adopt the kitten. Little Tilk is now in his forever home with lots of food, treats, toys and plenty of love.

Photo: Brita Kikas

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