Howard Combine Kitten Lost Front Paws but Gained a New Life

Howard Combine Kitten Lost Front Paws but Gained a New Life


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Image: Cat Definder

Howard, a cat without his front paws, is living a normal life with so much love and happiness provided by his permanent home. He hops and moves like a little rabbit on hard floors, but he is no less frisky than any other cats.

It all started when Bryce Billingslea, an 8-year-old boy and his 10-year-old brother Kyle, heard a kitten crying in a ditch near an Alaiedon Township wheat field. The kitten was found with front paws almost cut off. It was suspected to be a farming accident caused by a combine. The kitten then went through numerous surgeries and received skin grafts. During the most critical time, Bryce kept praying for the little one. Many people from the community also came to help. According to the Lansing State Journal Howard now "is living a mostly typical kitten's life with a family willing to tone down the horseplay for a cat stuck with shortened stilts to walk on instead of cushioned paws."

Play the video below to watch this amazing story of Howard, the combine kitten:

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