Junk Yard Kitten Experienced His First Hug, Couldn't Stop Cuddling His Rescuer Since


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A kind woman saved a litter of kittens along with their cat mama from a junk yard during terrible heat. One of the kittens became so attached to her that he wouldn't want to be anywhere but cuddling with her.

Meet Tiggie and his forever human!

Photo by Zara Hamade

Zara Hamade shared the story with Love Meow: "I found Tiggie's family outside of work in Detroit. They were in a junk yard under an old car behind the office, I heard squeaking and baby meowing. They were just born that day so they were extremely tiny!"

Photo by Zara Hamade

"They were not afraid because they didn't have any idea what was happening yet. The mother is very sweet and didn't mind me being around her babies (she was probably thrown on the streets and is used to humans and trusts us). Poor babies were on the ground and it was a very hot July day."

Little Tiggie snuggling with his cat momma. He was born a cuddler.

Photo by Zara Hamade

"The temperature was very hot and the mother was very aware that I was going to help her and her babies. I took them all in and had them in an empty room, clean and comfy new bed for her to nurse them until they were old enough for adoption."

But one of the kittens stole her heart away….

Tiggie's first cuddles with Zara.

Photo by Zara Hamade

Tiggie fell in love with his human mom. He would hop in her lap, curl up in her arms or snuggle up next to her whenever he got a chance.

He became so attached to Zara that he wanted to keep her company at all time.

Photo by Zara Hamade

"After a few weeks Tiggie was so energetic and happy and was so trusting and loving like his mommy. He chose me and I loved him too much to let him go. He made me feel like I was his second mommy."

Photo by Zara Hamade

Once the kittens were old enough, Zara found them and their cat mama loving homes. But Tiggie had to stay forever :).

Tiggie giving Zara the I-need-a-hug face... aww! :)

Photo by Zara Hamade

"Tiggie changed my life by showing me what a little care and love can do, what kind of difference love can make. Its a feeling of joy and he loves you back and kisses you in appreciation and that means more to me than anything else."

Tiggie all grown up now, giving his mom endless supply of cuddles.

Photo by Zara Hamade

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