Kitten Couldn't See But Kindness Helps Restore His Beautiful Eyes..

Kitten Couldn't See But Kindness Helps Restore His Beautiful Eyes..


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A ginger cat was spotted outside a mobile home park unable to open his eyes. They were crusted shut but they weren't blind. A rescuer scooped him up and gave him a new lease on life. In just two weeks, he was able to open his eyes to see again.

Meet Leo!

Carmen Weinberg

A year ago Carmen Weinberg, founder of Animal Friends Project, got a call about a sick kitten wandering around at a mobile home park. When she got there, she saw a sweet ginger kitty with the saddest face. "I found this precious boy looking like this.. it broke my heart," Carmen said.

Leo couldn't see due to severe mange, an infectious skin condition that had sealed his eyes shut and caused scabs all over his ears and lesions on his neck.

"We named him Leo. He was so sweet and all he wanted to do was to rub against my hand," Carmen said.

Carmen Weinberg

Carmen was determined to bring the little guy back to his glory days. She immediately started treatment, and for the first time in a long while, the kitty got a full belly and a warm bed to sleep in.

Leo was so grateful for the much-needed relief that he was purring and rubbing his face against Carmen's hand as if to thank her for helping him.

Carmen Weinberg

"I gave him medicine for mange and a bath with medicated shampoo. Some of the crust fell off but he was still not able to open his eyes."

Carmen continued the daily treatment and caring and feeding routine. Every time she came into the room, Leo was excited and would snuggle up to her for some TLC.

Carmen Weinberg

After two weeks of treatment and lots of hard work and dedication, the beautiful ginger boy became a new kitty.

Not only had he healed and regained strength, but he could open his gorgeous eyes and see again.

Carmen Weinberg

"Little Leo loves it when we go in the bathroom and spend time with him. I wish I could be there all the time."

Cuddling with his rescuer in her lap, purring away.

Carmen Weinberg

As soon as they restored his eyesight, he blossomed with curiosity and playfulness.

Leo loves to be cradled in his human's arms like a purrito. It makes him happy.

Carmen Weinberg

A few months later, he returned to his full glory!

"He is an amazing little boy who loves people and other cats once he gets to know them. He has a lot of love to give," Carmen said.

Carmen Weinberg

"Little Leo was so sick but he made a great recovery. He is now the spoiled son of a very nice man who lives nearby. His name is Oppie now. So happy for him!"

What a difference love can make! Look at him now!

Carmen Weinberg

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