Kitten Wandered Near Family's Home and Found Kindness After She Was Abandoned on Street

Kitten Wandered Near Family's Home and Found Kindness After She Was Abandoned on Street


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A little abandoned kitten found kindness from a family and a new best friend to cuddle.

Sorin Popa @2_white_walkers

A family from Romania moved into their new home, and began to hear a kitten's cries nearby a few weeks ago. They took a look around and found a little stray hiding under a car. A neighbor managed to catch her and took her home.

"But after one day, he threw her back in the street because she wasn't accepted by his other cat," Sorin Popa told Love Meow.

The kitten immediately took refuge under the same car and just kept meowing. Sorin and his girlfriend decided to take matters into their own hands to save the little one.

They waited for an hour, patiently trying to coax the tabby out from underneath the vehicle. She was terrified but so hungry that eventually she conceded the standoff.

Sorin Popa @2_white_walkers

Sorin's girlfriend scooped her out and wrapped her in a jacket. She was just skin and bones and covered in fleas. They put her in a quiet home to let her decompress and offered her a full plate of food.

After scarfing down as much food as she could pack in, she quickly ran behind a fridge. "She stayed behind it for three days, and was scared of every movement. She would go out to eat and drink water at night when no one was around."

The couple took turns to keep her company and tried to convince her that she was safe.

Sorin Popa @2_white_walkers

After several days of hiding, the kitten decided to emerge from the her safe spot and slowly come out of her shell. It was a combination of hunger, curiosity of her new abode and eagerness to be loved that eventually propelled her to reach out to her humans for the first time.

She mustered enough courage to sniff their hands, and started to warm up to them as she began to feel more at home.

Sorin Popa @2_white_walkers

"We took her to the vet, got her cleaned up and knew we had to keep her," Sorin said. "For a week, we kept her separated from our other cat Abyzou and dog Dante (@hiking_with_dante)."

Once the kitten was medically clear, they introduced the new member to the rest of the furry crew.

Sorin Popa @2_white_walkers

"They started to smell each other from under the closed door and then we made the introduction. A lot of hissing on the first day but after that they started to get along."

She was never far away from her big sister. They began to share the same bed and nap together.

Sorin Popa @2_white_walkers

"She and Abyzou have become best friends. They sleep all day and play all night," Sorin told Love Meow.

"Even from the beginning, Abyzou would let her play with her toys and even eat from her plate."

Sorin Popa @2_white_walkers

The kitten is getting braver each day.

When she's not following her feline sister around the house, she's playing with Dante's tail.

Sorin Popa @2_white_walkers

"Now, they are all sleeping together in one bed. Life is amazing with these three little kids."

Sorin Popa @2_white_walkers

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Watch them in this cute video:

Kitten finds a good home and friend to

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