Kitten Found in Mailbox Gets His Beautiful Eye Back Through Love...

Kitten Found in Mailbox Gets His Beautiful Eye Back Through Love...


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A tiny 3-week old kitten had a rough beginning in life after he was found in a mailbox on a hot summer day in West Virginia.

Meet Nestle.

Operation Fancy Free

A staff member of the animal shelter discovered the tiny kitten inside their mailbox. She was shocked by what she found and immediately brought the kitten in to cool him down. One of his eyes was stuck shut.

Operation Fancy Free, a rescue group in Evans, WV, was contacted to help. Foster mom Kat Null wasted no time and began the around-the-clock care. They got his body temperature back to normal, kept him hydrated and fed, treated his infected eye, and brought the frail little body back from the brink.

"We got Nestle on 12 June. He was barely three weeks old, severely dehydrated, flea infested, and malnourished with an infected eye, constipation, and UTI" Kat told Love Meow.

Operation Fancy Free

The infected eye was so bad that it was going blind. But Kat refused to let that happen and was tending to it to save it.

Nestle weighed just 6-7 oz. at the time, much smaller for his age. For the first time he got a full belly, a warm bed, and lots of cuddly toys to keep him company.

Operation Fancy Free

In just two days, the little fur buddy gained 2 oz. He was eating well and starting to show improvements. Kat reassured him every day that he was safe and loved and would never be alone any more.

This is Nestle after pooping on his own for the first time. He was very proud!

"He is making milestones—pottying on his own, learning to play with toys, paw wrestling," Kat told Love Meow.

Nestle loves his sleep, and he goes down hard.

Operation Fancy Free

His eye kept improving and with each passing day, he was able to hold it open a bit longer and see a bit clearer.

"Nestle is strong at heart."

Two weeks later, the little buddy regained his vision. His eye was clearing up and he could finally see without the fogginess.

The kitty is starting to eat soft food, and he has a great appetite.

Operation Fancy Free

With his eye sight restored, he is running around and climbing everything he can get his paws on.

Kat built an elaborate kitten play pen for Nestle so he could stay active and strong.

Operation Fancy Free

"He's a champaign fighter and that will help him survive this," Kat told Love Meow.

Nestle has come a long way since he was found in the mailbox!

Operation Fancy Free

He's back to being a healthy, happy, playful kitten and has caught up in size.

The little tabby is living life to the fullest!

Operation Fancy Free

Nestle survived the heat and got his eye back despite all the odds against him.

What a difference love can make. Look at him now!

Operation Fancy Free

Playful little guy!

Share this story with your friends. If you would like to support their rescue efforts, click here to see how you can help. Follow updates on Nestle on Operation Fancy Free's Facebook page.

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