Kitten Found in a Bush Holds onto Woman's Hand and Won't Let Go

Kitten Found in a Bush Holds onto Woman's Hand and Won't Let Go


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A neighbor was out with her dog when she discovered a tiny kitten in a bush without a mother in sight.

She looked all around for others but couldn't find any.


Last weekend, a resident from New York saw her dog sniffing around the bushes in the yard. As she approached the area, she saw a tiny kitten in a bush all alone.

She began to go door to door to see if this kitten belonged to someone or if anyone could offer him a home. "We were actually the last house they were going to stop at," reddit user ayy-shane told Love Meow.

They have a large dog and don't have enough room for any other animals but they remembered someone from their family who would love to have the kitten. "We called my sister who lives a town over and has been considering getting a second cat."

The sister heard about the kitten and drove over to meet him. While she was holding the tiny bundle of fluff, he fell asleep in her hands.

"My sister fell in love instantly."


That night, they took the kitten to the emergency clinic, the only place that was open at the time.

"He was pretty clean considering where he was found. We are bottle feeding him, and the vet told us to keep him separated from my sister's other cat Tigger for two weeks but they'll definitely be interacting as soon as they can."


The little kitten has proven to be quite the cuddler. Whenever he's held, he gets sleepy and falls into a slumber.

"He cries when he's not being held."

A tiny cuddlebug!

"He's very happy to have a home."


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