Kitten Found In School Playground Got A Second Chance At Life: Then & Now


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A tiny ginger kitten was found in a school playground surrounded by kids. He wasn't able to walk. When a kind man saw the poor kitten, he picked him up and took him in.

"Boyfriend found kids playing with this little thing in the playground of the school we work at, unable to walk. He hasn't done anything except sleep and drink (kitten) milk, but 36 hours in and he can walk," said the human mom via reddit.

This is what a second chance can do. Six months later, kitty has grown leaps and bounds.

A tiny kitten was found in a school playground, unable to walk. A kind man rescued him and 36 hours later, (with a lot of rest and food) he could walk again.

This is kitty then...

What six months can do... This is kitty now (same basket)

Photos via reddit.

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