Kitten No One Knew Would Survive, Beats the Odds and Can't Stop Squeaking for Love

Kitten No One Knew Would Survive, Beats the Odds and Can't Stop Squeaking for Love


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Ashby the kitten and her five feline brothers were rescued from an engine at the Bay Area Rapid Transit repair shop.

The kittens were taken to the shelter in need of round-the-clock feedings. Wendy, an avid foster based in San Francisco, California took them in when they were just two weeks old.

Wendy @foster_furbabies

A few days later, Wendy noticed that the kittens' appetite slowed down and some even stopped nursing. She knew right away that something was wrong.

"No one could see it coming until the kittens stopped latching onto the bottle for no apparent reason to do so. I had a hunch that something other than picky eating was going on," Wendy said.

"They had a nasty virus (panleukopenia) that was making them not want to eat, and what they did eat was not sticking to their ribs."

The kittens had to be tube fed since they refused to eat.Wendy @foster_furbabies

"Their chance of survive was low due to their size and young age; they did not have the reserves on board. I opted to give them a chance and do whatever was within my power to help them."

Despite her very best efforts and many sleepless nights, five kittens didn't make it, but Ashby the only girl was hanging on and fighting to live.

Wendy @foster_furbabies

They were taking one day at a time and cherished every second with little Ashby, knowing it could be her last.

The tiny bundle of fur was always in good spirits and eager to get stronger. "Ashby likes head rubs, kneading her blankets and baa-ing like a sheep." (Scroll down for video)

Wendy @foster_furbabies

Whenever Wendy walked into the room, little Ashby came right over from her little blanket-bed to greet her foster mom with her adorable farm animal sounds.

Baby Ashby never ceased to amaze her foster family with her will to live.

Wendy @foster_furbabies

They decorated her room with five little paws in honor of her five brothers, who passed away.

"She was actually looking at the wall stickers. It is beautiful how the kitty down below has a sweet little smile."

Wendy @foster_furbabies

At six weeks old, Ashby was about the size of a 3-4 week-old kitten. But her energy was increasing and she started to play with toys.

It made her foster mom very proud.

Wendy @foster_furbabies

"Little Ashby is eating and playing and sleeping and all the rest that goes along with a happy little kitten," Wendy said.

"She's smaller than kittens her age, but she's peppy and sweet and loves to be with me."

Wendy @foster_furbabies

Ashby was getting more playful every day and would meow and squeak for love and attention.

Wendy provided all the toys she could offer so that Ashby could wrestle and play fight and would never be bored.

Wendy @foster_furbabies

About a week ago, Ashby was tested for the presence of the virus, and it came back negative. Everyone was overjoyed by the news.

One more week, the little squeaker will be coming out of quarantine. "She'll probably be singing 'A whole new world'. There will be some exciting things for her to see. We can't wait!"

Wendy @foster_furbabies

Ashby remains a petite little girl but she is a force to be reckoned with.

No one knew if she would survive but she did and is now thriving in foster care and living everyday to the fullest.

Wendy @foster_furbabies

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Watch her journey in this video:

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