Orphaned Kitten Found on Sidewalk Wouldn't Go Anywhere Without Her New Mom

Orphaned Kitten Found on Sidewalk Wouldn't Go Anywhere Without Her New Mom


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A little tabby kitten was found wandering on the sidewalk, meowing for her mom, but she was all alone. When a kind-hearted woman brought her home and introduced her to her rescue dog, it was love at first sight.

Meet Crenshaw the kitten!

Courtesy: Sharra Platt

"I was driving home from work on Friday night, 3 weeks ago on Crenshaw Blvd. Just before I got to the freeway on-ramp, I noticed a woman and her daughter looking at a tiny kitten on the side walk," Sharra Platt told Love Meow.

They looked worried, so Sharra stopped to investigate.

"They said they had been looking around for a mama cat or any other kittens and couldn't find anything. The kitten was in front of a house with a wall so she couldn't have come from that house. Next door was a car wash and the house on the other side was dark. It's not a neighborhood to safely go door to door. Leaving her would mean almost certain death as she was just a few feet from a very busy road and she is tiny. There was no way I was leaving her there!"

Finally safe!

Courtesy: Sharra Platt

Their original plan was to keep the kitten overnight and find a rescue group that would help rehome her, but the next morning, everything changed.

As they carefully introduced her to their family dogs under their supervision, the canine friends showed a lot of interest to interact with the kitten. They thought maybe they would get along.

After getting a clean bill of health from the vet, they brought Crenshaw home and decided to give it a try with their animals. "I knew the dogs would love having her around," Sharra told Love Meow.

"Sunday morning I brought her out and put her on the bed with the dogs. Roxy (5-year-old rescue Pit Bull) proceeded to give her a bath and has been doing so daily ever since."

Courtesy: Sharra Platt

The bond only grows stronger the longer they stay together.

"Roxy has completely taken on the mama role and does everything a mama dog would do with her puppies - check on them, clean them up, give them lots of kisses and snuggle with them."

Crenshaw loves it when Roxy tries to nudge her with her nose and lick her. Even though sometimes it can be a bit too much, Crenshaw always goes back for more.

She just wants to curl up next to Roxy or crawl on her.

Courtesy: Sharra Platt

"Crenshaw loves to climb up on Roxy and sleep on her... (She) also loves to play with Roxy's wagging tail and Roxy doesn't mind a bit... I think Roxy is her favorite!" Sharra told Love Meow.

The little kitten is completely attached to her canine mama and doesn't want to be anywhere but with her.

Courtesy: Sharra Platt

They call her Crenshaw, the Gangsta Kitty.

"Crenshaw is significant because she is the 6th animal I've rescued from that street. The Gangsta Kitty part is because the neighborhood she was found in is a little rough."

Now she has a mama who is very protective of her and incredibly caring to her needs.

Courtesy: Sharra Platt

Mama Roxy is giving her kitten a bath:

Crenshaw has also befriended their 11-year-old Pomeranian Kasey.

They give each other headbutts.

Courtesy: Sharra Platt

"She is getting bigger and stronger every day and starting to learn to find the litter boxes on her own."

Little Crenshaw enjoys her furry companions and wouldn't trade them for the world.

Courtesy: Sharra Platt

Snuggling with a buddy makes her a very happy kitty.

She knows she's loved.

Courtesy: Sharra Platt

Even their resident cat Lucky is slowly opening up to this new furry member of the family.

"She goes to him a lot to try to interact. She plays with his tail, which he allows to a certain point... He gives her a few kisses here and there."

Little Crenshaw went from living on the streets with all the unknown to now having a forever home with a canine mama, furry friends and humans who love her to bits.

Courtesy: Sharra Platt


Sharra Platt

Crenshaw is all grown up now!

Sharra Platt

This is what rescue can do!

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