Kitten Tries to Get People to Notice Her at Shelter With Her Adorable 'Window Washing'

Kitten Tries to Get People to Notice Her at Shelter With Her Adorable 'Window Washing'


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A kitten tries to get people to notice her at the adoption center with her adorable "window washing."

lap cat, tabby kittenBaklava the kittenPets In Need

A tabby kitten named Baklava was brought in to Pets in Need (in Redwood City, California) along with her brother, Cobbler. They were just newborn kittens and needed round-the-clock care.

Thanks to volunteers, they began to thrive in the comfort of a foster home, and grew to be healthy, playful kittens. At around nine weeks old, Baklava was big enough for adoption, and together with her brother, they came to the adoption center to wait for their forever homes.

Baklava has a comfortable kitty condo but craves constant attention from her human friends.

tabby shelter kittenShe craves attention from her human friendsPets In Need

Whenever someone passes by, she waves vigorously at them with her front paws up and down the glass. She won't stop until she is all curled up and snug on a warm lap.

Her brother, Cobbler, was adopted after just one week while Baklava continued to wait by the window, hoping someone would scoop her up soon. Week after week, she found herself waving eagerly for attention.

shelter kittenBaklava waves at people every time someone passes by her condoPets In Need

"It's quite puzzling why no one has adopted her yet," WJ Lin, a volunteer of Pets in Need, told Love Meow. "Some of the other volunteers have commented on her adorable 'window washing' technique."

Baklava presses her cute toe beans on the glass, hoping someone will notice her.

Pets In Need

She is the happiest kitten whenever she is with someone, getting belly rubs and snuggles. She adores her human friends and can't get enough of their attention.

kitten belly rubsPets In Need

Volunteers are enamored with her endearing little quirk, abundance of affection, and sass.

Watch Baklava the kitten in this cute video:

Kitten waves at people at

They take turns to hang out with Baklava in the playroom, where she enjoys scampering around, exploring every nook and cranny.

Pets In Need

The sweet tabby melts into her people when she's held. She plays hard but cuddles even harder.

"This is her third week being up for adoption," Lin told Love Meow. "She would like you to know she's done with shelter life and is ready to come home now."

sweet kitten baklavaReady for some belly rubsPets In Need

Baklava is playful, very curious and quick on her paws. She is a rambunctious mini tiger when she is in action, and turns into mush when she gets up close and personal with her people.

She likes to hold her human's hand and her blanket at the same time for extra comfort.

kitten blanket cuddlePets In Need

"She has a cuddly side where she'll 'groom' (lick) your hands. She loves interacting with people, whether it's holding onto a blanket, waving to them behind glass, cuddling, or chasing a toy," Lin added.

The sweet tabby tries to soak up all the love whenever a volunteer comes to visit.

kitten licksPets In Need

"She's a pretty spicy kitty! Her 'snout' looks different than the other kittens which was how she initially stood out to me (other than the waving)."

Baklava completely melted into Lin when she was on her lap, getting belly rubs.

lap kittenShe is so happy when she hangs out with volunteersPets In Need

The sweet tabby waits eagerly behind the glass, showing off her adorable ear tufts, toe beans, cute belly and big eyes. She is ready to win a family over with her whole heart.

sweet tabby kittenPets In Need

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