Kitten Smaller than a Banana Meows Aloud for Food and Love, Her Humans Don't Stand a Chance!


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She was smaller than the size of a banana but she got a pair of lungs that made the loudest meows. This tiny grey kitten was crying for attention, when she first met her humans. They knew they had to take her home.

Meet Posy the kitten!

Photo: @posy_grey

They learned that a little kitten was looking for a home.

"The owner told us she was 6 weeks old and had been weaned for a week, but we are sure that she is younger, possibly 3.5 - 4 weeks."

"We asked to see the mama cat and the lady said she was sleeping and couldn't be disturbed... Meanwhile, this kitty was crying and hungry. We're experienced with bottle feeding little bitties, so we decided to rescue this girl from a questionable situation. So happy that we did!" Posy's human mom said.

On her way to her forever home!

Photo: @posy_grey

Posy is quite a talker. When she wants something, she makes sure her voice will be heard.

When Posy demands food, she keeps meowing aloud until she gets her bottle.

"Feed me MEOW!"

Photo: @posy_grey

She's become very attached to her new mom.

After feeding, Posy snuggles up to her human mom for a cat nap.

Photo: @posy_grey

They keep the kitten warm and comfy, the purrito style. Posy purrs up a storm when she gets all the love from her humans.

Photo: @posy_grey

"She's now a student of Pixie and Murray, our other cats."

Pixie, a 10-year-old, isn't so sure about the new kitty, but Murray who is a little under a year, is very curious and expectant. "I think he wants to play!"

Photo: @posy_grey

Almost 5 weeks old now!

The little fur baby is still teeny but she is growing and very loved by her doting humans.

Photo: @posy_grey

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