Kitten Rescued from Stray Life, Finds a Friend She Always Wanted


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A woman rescued a tiny kitten and helped her find a family she always wanted.


Carmen Weinberg, founder of Animal Friends Project in Delray Beach, Florida, went to a trailer park in Palm Beach County to check on the neighborhood cats.

While she was there, she was struck by what she saw — a tiny black kitten lying listlessly near garbage cans in the back of a home. When she got closer, she noticed her crusty eyes and that she was in need of medical attention.

"She could not stay there for one more minute. I was able to pick her up and put her in a carrier in my car," Carmen told Love Meow.

Carmen Weinberg

The kitten named Lulu was covered in fleas and her gums were white. She was lethargic for the first couple of days and had to be syringe fed around the clock.

By day three, the little fighter bounced back, started to purr and her personality really blossomed. She was then helped by two foster carers, Vera and Beth Stern, and grew to be a rambunctious panther kitty.

Carmen Weinberg

After a rough start to life, Lulu had her dream come true when a family found her one day.

A family from New York City had been looking for a friend for their cat Mojo. They came across Lulu on Beth's Instagram page and were immediately smitten.

Carmen Weinberg

"She came to her forever home. She was very excited and bold. Mojo loved her," Lulu's family told Love Meow.

"He just stood back in awe and let her play everywhere. She was sweet and snuggly, and Mojo adored her."


Since that day, the two have been partners in crime.

They do everything together. While Mojo is the big brother and protecter, Lulu is the mischief-maker who never seems to run out of energy.


The tabby is very patient with his sister and doesn't mind her rough play. Whenever she needs a cuddle, he's right there for her.

Watch Mojo and Lulu in this cute video:

Kitten from stray life to VIP life

"Mojo is very gentle with Lulu even though he is almost twice her size."


Lulu looks up to her big brother and follows in his paw-steps.


When it's time for a nap, they hop on their humans' bed and curl up in each other's arms.


After a bit of wrestling and a mandatory bath, Lulu wraps her arms around Mojo and purrs herself to sleep.

The big brother doesn't mind her many antics.


Mojo takes grooming very seriously. He makes sure Lulu is kept clean and tidy every day.


If Mojo is on a blanket, Lulu follows suit.

They are like two peas in a pod, completely inseparable.


"We were so lucky to be able to adopt her and finally have a buddy for our sweet Mojo," their family wrote on Instagram.


"She has brought so much joy to our home and Mojo is happier than ever. It has all been made possible by so many beautiful individuals working together to help save a life."


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