Kittens Find Each Other When They Need a Friend, and Become Family for Life

Kittens Find Each Other When They Need a Friend, and Become Family for Life


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Two rescued kittens found each other and became family for life.

best friends kittens, roly poly kittensTwo kittens Monique and SD found each other and became best friendsPenny Richards

Animal Welfare League of Arlington (AWLA) in Virginia rescued a pregnant cat who was in poor shape. She gave birth at the shelter, but only two kittens made it. They needed intensive care as their mom couldn't take care of them.

Paula, a critical kitten fosterer, immediately took them in and began caring for them around the clock. Despite her very best efforts to save them, the gray kitten, Monique, became the sole survivor.

She pulled through with her incredible resolve and was putting on weight and gaining strength.

tiny newborn kittenMonique was born at the shelter and nursed back to health by a foster volunteerPenny Richards

At three weeks old, Monique turned into a fluffy, healthy kitty with plenty of energy to spare. She missed having a sibling and was in desperate need of a buddy.

Paula thought of another kitten in her care that would be able to fill that role.

kitten with beautiful markings, wolf kittenShe has unusual and beautiful markings on her coatPenny Richards

A couple of weeks prior, Paula had taken in an orphaned tabby (named Stranger Danger or SD) who needed round-the-clock bottle feedings.

From day one, SD was very vocal and constantly demanded attention. The tabby boy was adamant about never being alone again.

tabby kitten cuteSD is quite the chatterbox and has a big personalityPenny Richards

Knowing these kittens would benefit from having a friend their size, Paula decided to pair them up, hoping they would accept each other.

The two singletons immediately nuzzled into one another and became inseparable friends.

cuddly kittensThey share an adorable bondPenny Richards

"They really are the best of friends and already so bonded despite being a week apart in age," Penny Richards, their current foster mom, told Love Meow.

The brother and sister feed off each other's energy when they play, and have grown more active and playful since the day they met.

Penny Richards

If they aren't within eyesight from each other, they will try to seek out their best friend. SD, being the talker of the two, makes sure that his sister can always find him.

They adore their faux momma, a plush cuddle toy, and will snuggle with it for comfort as it contains a little beating heart.

kittens nappingThey adore their faux momma and like to nap in a cute cuddle puddlePenny Richards

"Both kittens love this, but SD has particularly taken to it and can always be found cuddled up with it," Penny shared with Love Meow.

The two best friends are honing their feline skills by imitating each other. If one of them rolls over for belly rubs, the other will try to do the same.

tabby kitten bellyLittle roly polyPenny Richards

Their personalities are emerging and they complement each other in a beautiful way.

"Monique has a unique coloring that I think makes her look like a baby wolf, and she enjoys all the extra attention and belly rubs she gets," Penny told Love Meow.

kitten toe beansShowing off her cute toe beansPenny Richards

"SD has a good set of lungs on him. He likes to sing to me all day long, pretending that I haven't fed him in days."

The gray kitten has mastered the art of roly-poly and will flop down in a warm lap after every feeding. Her tabby brother is a chatterbox and doesn't hesitate to voice his many opinions.

The tabby boy has a lot to sayPenny Richards

"He is the king of complainers, but he also purrs as soon as you touch him."

The older sister is at the age where she is getting rather rambunctious. Her brother, despite being younger, holds his own when they wrestle and roughhouse together.

kitten folded earsPenny Richards

With how much the kittens depend on each other, Penny hopes they can find a home as a pair when they are big enough for adoption.

After a rough start to life, the two buddies are thriving together.

Best of friendsPenny Richards

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