Kittens Survived the Streets Together and Embraced Another Cat Who Needed Friends

Kittens Survived the Streets Together and Embraced Another Cat Who Needed Friends


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Two kittens survived the streets together and embraced another cat who needed friends.

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Last month, a Good Samaritan found two kittens lying beside their cat mother, who did everything she could to keep them safe and fed.

The kittens survived the streets, but sadly, their mother didn't. The finder brought them to an emergency clinic, and the pair eventually ended up in a local shelter.

Shelter staff pleaded to the rescue community, hoping to get the kittens into foster care with a dedicated feeder to give them the best chance of survival. Nadija, who fosters for AnimalLuvr's Dream Rescue, stepped up to help.

kittens snugglingThe brother (ginger) and sister (gray) were found outside when they were two weeks oldtiny.paws.fosters

"They were approximately two weeks old, a little dehydrated, but they loved their bottle," Nadija shared.

She walked into the nursery the next morning to the rumbling sound of the kittens' tiny purr motors. The feline siblings had a faux mama with a heartbeat to keep them company and a fluffy blanket they kneaded on vigorously.

kittens cuddle piletiny.paws.fosters

When they weren't feeding, they were cuddled up together, sometimes on top of one another. The gray kitten (sister) would wrap her arm around her brother (ginger) or drape her body over him for extra comfort.

Every 1-2 hours, Nadija came in to check on the kittens. The second the bottle appeared, the little gray kitten awoke and screamed for food. "Little Miss always has a lot to say, and the ginger boy is always on the move."

kittens nap piletiny.paws.fosters

Meanwhile, in another foster home, there was a fluffy gray kitten in desperate need of friends.

The lone kitty was frail and malnourished when he was rescued, but through tireless efforts from his carer, he bounced back and started to seek affection.

fluffy kitten milkThe new kitten was in desperate need of friendstiny.paws.fosters

His foster mom noticed how much he craved a constant companion and asked Nadija if she could take him on. Without hesitation, she welcomed him in with open arms.

"He's the same age as my little guys. He has been working hard to catch up to his new friends."

kittens cute friendsThey immediately hit it offtiny.paws.fosters

The brother and sister duo instantly embraced the newcomer and included him in their snuggle pile when they napped.

The new kitten has put on weight, and his appetite has improved. Being around other kittens of similar size encourages him to eat more and be more active.

kittens playing snugglingtiny.paws.fosters

He no longer feels lonely and has grown more adventurous and curious about his surroundings.

"He's even yelled at me for second meals, which is music to my ears. His energy level is up, and he's playing with toys and wrestling with the other kittens."

fluffy gray kittenThe fluffy kitten loves his new feline siblingstiny.paws.fosters

"Fuzzy guy is fitting in so well with the two chunkers. This handsome young man is the first of the three to use a litter box, and I am so proud of him."

Now, all three of them join in a cacophony of meows when their foster mom comes in with food in her hands.

kittens meowing foodThey meow and demand their food together tiny.paws.fosters

The two boys demand their meal atop a scratching post while their sister screams from the floor. The smell of their food sends them into a whirlwind.

At 4-5 weeks old, they are ready to sample their first solid food.

kittens snugglesThe brother and sistertiny.paws.fosters

"They will continue to be bottle fed while weaning until they no longer want the bottle, but it's important to supplement them because, at first, they won't be eating enough on their own."

Despite their rough start, the brother and sister are now living their best lives - complete with a new feline buddy they adore.

gray kitten fluffyThe new kittentiny.paws.fosters

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