Kittens Help Each Other Learn to Trust, They Go on to Befriend a Wobbly Bunny

Kittens Help Each Other Learn to Trust, They Go on to Befriend a Wobbly Bunny


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Two kittens helped each other learn to trust. They went on to befriend a wobbly bunny.

rabbit kitten friendsKumar the bunny and Kimchi the kitten@shibuyarollcall

When Asa, a foster volunteer of Animal Welfare League of Arlington, received a pair of kittens into her care, she was met with plenty of hissing and swatting.

The feline sisters, Wasabi and Kimchi, immediately took refuge in a corner of the room. The two were so fearful that they didn't have the confidence to look their foster mom in the eye.

But things began to shift when they slowly acclimated to her presence. Asa spent a lofty amount of time with the two while she waited for them to feel comfortable enough to approach her.

timid kittensKimchi and Wasabi@shibuyarollcall

In about a week, the kittens began to emerge from their shells and explore their surroundings. When they learned that their human came with their favorite food and treats, their purr motors started to rumble.

Kimchi started following her foster mom around the house, carrying herself confidently. With lots of efforts from Asa, Wasabi joined her sister in the fun. The tabby girls were inseparable, and they fed off each other's energy.

sweet kitten sistersThey are a bonded pair@shibuyarollcall

"We made huge progress with Wasabi (after three weeks), ending the day with her approaching me and rubbing against me for the first time," Asa shared.

From then on, both kittens would respond to their foster mom in meows and chirps whenever she talked to them.

bonded tabby kittens sisters@shibuyarollcall

Kimchi took a leap of faith to trust, and Wasabi learned to be brave, being around her sister. "They have so much love to give once they open up."

About a month into their foster journey, a new foster friend with long ears came through the door. A bunny named Kumar arrived at three years old, weighing only four pounds.

sweet bunnyKumar is a wobbly bunny@shibuyarollcall

"Kumar is a special needs rabbit, and has some neurological issue that makes him a 'wobbly' bunny. He has trouble moving around without falling over, but he doesn't let that hold him back," Asa shared.

"He's a happy, healthy boy otherwise, and has adapted to our lively home quickly."

bunny kitten meet greet@shibuyarollcall

The tabby sisters had a meet-and-greet with Kumar, and they were very gentle and sweet with him. They would hang out in his crib to keep him company while Kumar tried to find his footing.

"Wasabi's become so much more comfortable since Kumar's arrival." She started relaxing on the couch with Asa for the first time.

bunny kittens friendsThey became fast friends@shibuyarollcall

Kumar enjoyed the sisters' company as they encouraged him to play and hop around more. The kittens would try to sneak a drink from his water bowl or offer to groom his coat.

Kimchi even learned to snack on hay when she saw Kumar chomping away and tried to mimic him.

kitten bunny friendsKimchi tried to mimic Kumar when he was snacking@shibuyarollcall

When it was time for the kittens to spread their wings and fly, they found a wonderful family to love and spoil them together, for life.

The morning before their departure to their forever home, they shared a beautiful moment with Kumar and their foster mom.

kittens bunny friends@shibuyarollcall

"Kumar hopped over to Kimchi to lay next to her, and took a quick nap together," Asa shared. "Wasabi was being extra sweet, crawling into my lap and purring nonstop as if to say 'thank you'."

bunny kitten friendsKumar sat next to Kimchi and they shared a nap together@shibuyarollcall

"I'm so proud of these two for learning to trust. Now, they'll get to grow up indoors in a safe, loving home."

Kumar continues his search for his happily-ever-after. In the meantime, he is thriving with his foster mom catering to his every whim, and getting regular visits from the resident animals.

bonded kittens bunny@shibuyarollcall

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