Kitty Who Sees the World Through One Eye

Kitty Who Sees the World Through One Eye


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Clem is a very sweet, energetic little boy. He was rescued by Theresa Mershon's neighbor from some teenagers in Park Slope. When she found him, he had infections in both eyes and could not see. He came to Theresa's home to get treatment and to be cared for.

When the photos were taken, one of Clem's eyes had completely healed while the other was on the mend. "It's possible that he may only have sight in one eye for the rest of his life, but he can see just fine and won't need special care."

During his foster care, Butter the cat became his foster mother. She babysat him and kept an eye on the little fuzzball to make sure that he was OK.

Today, Clem is blind in one eye, but it does not bother him at all. He is a perfectly normal kitty who can do things just like other cats. Clem has found a forever home. He is now called "The Professor" because he has elbow patches on his coat :).

Photos courtesy of ©Theresa Mershon.

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