Kiwi the Little Fuzzy Black Baby

Kiwi the Little Fuzzy Black Baby


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Written by ©Laura (flickr: yukittie).

I first saw Kiwi on the internet. She was one of the kittens that were looking for homes. My boyfriend, niece and I drove to Germany (which is close to where I live) to meet her and it was love at first sight.

She was so tiny and cute since she was only 8 weeks old. She had been bottle fed since the very beginning. When Kiwi arrived in her new home, she quickly adjusted.

Kiwi is very active during the day. She plays with everything, climbs on my couch constantly and when she's tired and wants a nap, she is absolutely adorable. She always falls asleep on a pink pillow on the couch when I'm watching TV and when I'm going to bed she sleeps next to me on an empty pillow or falls asleep under my blanket.

Kiwi loves to tag along with me even when I am drawing. She will climb onto my neck and fall asleep there. Sometimes she stays there for hours.

Photos courtesy of ©Laura (flickr: yukittie).

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