Little Gem Found in Park Gets His First Bottle

Little Gem Found in Park Gets His First Bottle


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This little gem was spotted in a park by Tracy and Ryan. "Kitten is set up in a warm safe place, made in a shoebox found in my car." After a trip filled with exhausting cries, Ollie finally calmed down when they arrived home.

They took Ollie to the vet. "She told us that kitten was a little boy, about 2-3 weeks old."

Feeding Ollie isn't an easy task. "Ollie employs sneaky tactics to avoid drinking the bottled KMR kitten milk replacement formula," but after several attempts, he finally had his first bottle down and was happy with a full belly.

Ollie trying his first bottle

Sleeping with a full belly

Ollie at the vet

Ollie building his little fortress!

Photos by ©Tracy T. + Ryan G. See more of Ollie at his blog.

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