Little Orphan Kitten Found His Way to a Home

Little Orphan Kitten Found His Way to a Home


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A tiny meow led a family to the rescue of a small kitten whose eyes weren't even fully open.

"We were at a family get together and a few of the people kept hearing a little meow that just wouldn't stop. After some searching of the old barn/garage they found him. He was stuck in the wall. We searched the attic for the mom & other kittens but couldn't find any. He was probably around a week old because his little eyes were not fully open. The family didn't own any cats nor had seen any around, so our only guess was a wild mom who just had a litter, tried to move them and he had accidentally fallen through the many gaps in the attic. She couldn't have reached him so he was left behind," said Gina.

"I was a stay home mom, of course the kids were excited when I said we'd take care of him but we ended up keeping him," Gina added.

Photos courtesy of ©Gina (flickr: La Belle Avenue).

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