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Runty Kitten Can't Stop Cuddling with His Forever Human, Even Looks After Her When She's Sick


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His name is Muchacho. This tiny kitten was the runt in his litter and the last one to be adopted. Ever since he came to his new home, he hasn't stopped cuddling with his human and even tries to look after her when she's sick.

"I've been laying in bed sick and my kitten hasn't left my side, or my face should I say," Valerie said.

Courtesy of Valerie Kim @valeriekim86

"We adopted Muchacho from a foster parent in Hamilton Ontario. He was the runt and the last one left from his litter," Valerie Kim told Love Meow. (More info at Instagram @valeriekim86 | reddit)

"As soon as I come home from work he meows and purrs and rubs up against me. When I'm lying down and looking at my phone he'll head butt my phone out of the way so he can sit on my chest."

Courtesy of Valerie Kim @valeriekim86

"This was my first time being sick since I adopted him, but he took excellent care of me today. He normally wakes me up with his cries of hunger but he let me sleep in this morning."

"At first I thought it was just coincidence but after his behavior all day I think he purposely let me sleep," Valerie said.

Courtesy of Valerie Kim @valeriekim86

Muchacho is very clingy to his human mom.

"He's only 3.5 months and he never leaves my side. He follows me around the house and if I shut the door on him he'll sit outside the door and wait for it to open and pounce inside."

Courtesy of Valerie Kim @valeriekim86

"He fell asleep on my face."

Courtesy of Valerie Kim @valeriekim86

Valerie grew up as a dog person and didn't quite understand cats, but once she was chosen by her first cat, it all made sense to her.

"Now I get it! After having my own kitties and seeing how affectionate and sweet and smart they are, I've completely changed how I feel about them!"

Courtesy of Valerie Kim @valeriekim86

"Now I'm a huge cat lover and don't see myself ever living without one!"

Courtesy of Valerie Kim @valeriekim86

Muchacho loves being with his human mom more than anything in the world.

Courtesy of Valerie Kim @valeriekim86

He may be the smallest kitten in his litter and the last one to be picked, but Muchacho is so happy to have a forever human to cuddle with every day!

Courtesy of Valerie Kim @valeriekim86

Update: He's grown into a beautiful kitty!

"Cats are angels with whiskers!" Share the cute!

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