Loyal Cat Lives At The Hagia Sophia In Istanbul

Loyal Cat Lives At The Hagia Sophia In Istanbul


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A devout cat lives at a fourteen hundred year old museum Hagia Sophia in Turkey, guarding and preserving its religious and cultural history every single day. His name is Gli.

He is a loyal feline that resides in the 1,475 year old museum. He is slightly cross eyed but a whole lot of cute.

Gli is one of the many cats that were taken in by Hagia Sophia. According to source, Gli is around 7 years old and has lived at Hagia Sophia since he was a kitten. Besides watching guards, gardeners and keeping them supervised, Gli greets tourists and enjoys being photographed by them at the museum.

Meet Gli, the loyal cat at Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey

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He is slightly cross-eyed, but a whole lot of cute

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Gli particularly loves basking in light and warmth.

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Gli is contemplating about something

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His favorite pedestal

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Taking a break from supervising the tourists

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Gli doesn't want his new human friend to go [Watch Video]

Source: Buzzfeed. Follow Gli's tumblr here.

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