Man Does Everything To Win Over Skittish Kitten He Saved from Busy Street…


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A man found a tiny kitten in the middle of a very busy street. He immediately put on his hazards and stopped. The first thing the kitten did was crawl into his front-left wheel to hide.

Meet Skid-mark!


The little stray took refuge in the front-left wheel of the car after it was pulled over. When the man approached him, the kitten looked up at him with those eyes full of fears . The man carefully freed the scaredy little guy and got him into his car. The kitten immediately went under the passenger seat to hide.

"I don't know how he ended up on the streets, but when I gave him a bath with Dawn dish soap I pulled probably two dozen fleas off of him, so he'd been out there for a bit," imgur user ralphthellama told Love Meow.

Skid-mark was so hungry that he wolfed down a bowl of cat food after arriving in his new home.


For the first time in a long while, he got a full belly. The little kitten found a warm place to snuggle in for a nap.

"My hoodie pocket seems to be his current favorite nap spot, while my shoulder seems to be his favorite spot while I'm walking around."


When the man needed to get to work, but the kitten insisted to stay in his pocket, he grabbed a t-shirt and made a spot for him on his desk.

"At first he didn't want to let go of my hoodie, but I got him settled."


The kitten didn't want to be alone.

He purred up a storm as his rescuer petted him on his back. He slept hard on the first day with his human by his side.


All curled up, feeling warm and loved.

"He was a very tired kitty after the ordeal."


The next day, he took the kitten to his first trip to the vet and got a clean bill of health. "The eye crusts are some combination of dried food, dirt, and possible scratches from prior tussles with other kitties."

They treated him for fleas and got him more kitten food to help him regain energy and get bigger and stronger.


"He was still a little bit skittish after the second day with me, and he was quite happy to hide under my bed," he said.

But there's nothing a can of kitten food couldn't fix. "He's figured out what the sound of a can opening means. Started him off on half a can of food twice per day, and now we're up to a full can twice per day."


"He's certainly picking up energy-wise, and would run around my room while I'm getting ready for bed, then curl up on a blanket next to my head once I've gone to sleep."


The kitten started to get really playful and much less skittish around his human.

"He enjoys playing with my hands and climbing all over me."


"Since he's still pretty young, I've been bringing him with me to work every day. He'll either scamper around the floor, curl up on my lap or desk, or play around some of my shipping boxes."

Skit-mark has come out of his shell and is thriving with love.


"He's also gone from curling up next to me while I sleep to curling up on my chest while I'm trying to get to sleep."


A week ago, the man found a kitten fearing for his life in the middle of a busy street. He got him to safety, nursed him back to health, and helped him love and trust.

Now the kitten will fall asleep in his arms while he is holding him, and hog his chest for hours. The little guy knows that he will never nap alone any more.


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