Man Quit His Job to Build Cat Sanctuary Tabbys Place

Man Quit His Job to Build Cat Sanctuary Tabbys Place


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In Japan there are many cat cafe where cats are pampered by customers and treated like celebrities. In Ringoes, New Jersey, there is a cage-free cat sanctuary that provides refuge to cats in hopeless situations such as those that had been scheduled for euthanasia.

A man named Jonathan Rosenberg lost his tabby due to an untreatable cancer. He started questioning himself "What was I doing with my life? Was I really making a difference? How could I honor Tabby, who had spent 15 years with us?" Rosenberg decided to forgo his job and devoted his life to saving felines. He started his mission by creating a cat sanctuary named Tabby's place where it can now hold 95 felines.

His goal for the future is to accommodate 400 cats in the cat sanctuary, helping these cats that other shelters cannot keep and offering them a second chance to live.

Many cats at Tabby's place are with special needs. "At Tabby’s Place, these cats are able to live full and happy lives with the medical care, love, and affection they deserve."

Check out the virtual tour below:

Tabby's Place - Lobby

Tabby's Place - FIV+ Room

Tabby's Place - Special Needs Suite

Tabby's Place - Suite C

Image via Flickr: Karamellzucker

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