Man Raised His Rescued Tabby Kitten

Man Raised His Rescued Tabby Kitten


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Here is another story of a man who has saved lives of many abandoned and stray cats. Story and photos courtesy of ©Jeremy K.

Jeremy K has rescued many stray and abandoned cats in his life. One of them that he has built a close and special bond with was a beautiful tabby named Small C or Cici.

"He was abanadoned by someone and left behind my back door. It was not easy to feed him because he was only 2 weeks old," said Jeremy.

Small C was very small and weak when he was found many years ago. Jeremy brought him inside his house, warmed him up and gave him food that he needed so desperately. He took care of the little kitten and fed him every 3 - 4 hours around the clock. Sometimes, he skipped sleep to make sure Small C was fed and doing all right.

"Fortunately he survived, and so did I."

This story is dedicated to Cici who just left for the Rainbow Bridge recently.

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