Family Saves 3 Frightened Motherless Kittens and Shows Them Love, Now 2 Years Later..


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A man heard kitten cries coming from his house on a cold November day. He traced the sound and found three tiny kittens hiding in the corridor, completely frightened.

Courtesy: Zosia Fąfara

"My dad found those three hiding in the corridor (lucky for them, he left the front door open). They were about two months and they were most likely born feral because they were pretty dirty, hungry and scared of humans," Zosia Fąfara told Love Meow.

They got the kittens in a warm room, but the three siblings immediately took refuge.

The family went to look for their cat mother, but she was nowhere to be found. "I think that something happened to their mother and the kittens were looking for her and food for some time."

The kittens were so hungry that when they were given food, they just scarfed it down.

Finally safe with a warm and full belly.

Courtesy: Zosia Fąfara

"They were terrified of humans for the first few days. I think they only dared to come into the house because they were really cold and hungry for some time. One of them vomited pieces of grass, leaves and pine needles on the day we took them in," Zosia said.

After almost a week, the kittens came out from hiding and started to show affection.

Courtesy: Zosia Fąfara

They named the trio Małpka (little Monkey), Nutka (little Note) and Szarki (Sharky).

They snuggled together next to their human, purring away.

Courtesy: Zosia Fąfara

After a long day of playing, the feline siblings were completely tuckered out on the couch.

Courtesy: Zosia Fąfara

The family built a kitty castle and the kittens approved!

Courtesy: Zosia Fąfara

The trio do everything together - watch the animal channel in the comfort of their cat condo.

Courtesy: Zosia Fąfara

It's been two years since the three kitties were rescued.

They are all grown up now and the two boys and one girl rule the house together.

Courtesy: Zosia Fąfara

Pan Małpka likes to supervise his humans and sometimes offers a helping paw.

Courtesy: Zosia Fąfara

Napping in her human's lap makes Nutka a very happy kitty.

Courtesy: Zosia Fąfara

Szarki constantly demands attention and love.

Courtesy: Zosia Fąfara

The three frightened little kittens have grown into adorable lovebugs.

Zosia kept the siblings together so they could have a loving forever home and would never be apart.

Courtesy: Zosia Fąfara

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