Man Saves 5-day-old Kitten and Becomes Her New Papa

Man Saves 5-day-old Kitten and Becomes Her New Papa


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Little 5-day-old kitten snuggles up with her new cat dad.

This tiny spotty gal was no more than 5 days old when a good Samaritan found her in need of some motherly love. He picked her up and became the papa she never had.

This is where the kitten was found.

"I was real timid about taking her at first but after searching around for 5 minutes, I saw no sign of a momma cat or any other kittens. Also my fiancé is a vet tech," reddit user bhath01 wrote.

Chapstick for scale.

The man and his fiancé were determined to help the little baby kitten and nurse her back to health.

Already she has found her favorite perching spot!

"She's healthy now but she had some rough times.... After a visit to an ER vet we got her health back on track thanks to some stool softener and better stimulation techniques. We also switched to KMR brand milk replacer," he added.

Kitten likes burrowing in her cat mom's hair.

"Everything is ok now little one!"

Papa bottle feeds his baby gal.

She's eating from her bottle like a champ. Papa's very proud!

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