Me Ke the Tiny Rescue with a Big Purrsonality

Me Ke the Tiny Rescue with a Big Purrsonality


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Me Ke was only two months old when she was found on the streets on September 25, 2008. She was such a small kitten with only skin and bones (weighing around 800g or 28oz), but no matter how tiny the little calico was, she took everyone by surprise with her larger than life purrsonality.

Me Ke was flu ridden and infested with fleas, but luckily her life was about to take a new turn. She gulped down all the food and water and made herself very comfortable in her new warm bed on the first day at her new foster home.

In no time, Me Ke became a little mischief maker who enjoyed all the new things she discovered - boxes, bags, new toys, etc. She'd play fetch if you toss a ball. She loves human attention and would latch on your lap if it's available. She likes to be petted and pampered. There is so much love in such a tiny little body. It's hard for anyone not to love her back.

It was amazing how resilient she was. She healed and got stronger very quickly.  With proper medication and a plethora of love, she started putting on weight and gaining energy everyday. In fact, she was so active and curious that there was not a moment of boredom for her.

In less than two months, Me Ke was welcomed into a forever loving home where she rules the roost. It was a bittersweet moment for the foster parents as it was always difficult to let go, but they were excited about her new journey and knew that she would be all right.

Photos courtesy of Chika & Fu Aitin.

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