Miao, Little Rescued Ginger Puffball

Miao, Little Rescued Ginger Puffball


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On April 3rd this year, when Summer went to take out the trash, she heard a kitten crying from the garden. She followed the sound and saw a little ginger fuzzball as big as the size of her palm, lying on the ground, crying hopelessly and alone.

"I have always been a cat lover. When I saw the vulnerable little critter, it broke my heart. The kitten was obviously abandoned. If no one would care for this poor little one, chances of her survival were very little," said summer.

She picked up the kitten and decided to bring her home. "Even though I already had a cat at home, there was no way I would leave her there." She named her Miao.

It was a lot of work to look after a new born kitten. Summer fed her around the clock and woke up in the middle of the night to make sure Mao got enough food and care.

"It's been almost 3 months since she came to my life as a feeble little kitten where her eyes were still closed. Today she has grown into a beautiful girl. It's the most rewarding thing ever."

Photos courtesy of ©Summer.

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