Moo, a Person Stuck in a Cat's Body

Moo, a Person Stuck in a Cat's Body


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Written by Katie Sokoler:

It was my birthday and I've always wanted a cat so my boyfriend and I ran around to a bunch of shelters in the city. When we went to the last shelter, we found Moo. He had such a funny energy so within 2 seconds we knew we wanted him. I had no idea at the time if I was allergic to cats so I pulled him out of his cage and literally rubbed him all over my body to see if I would get a reaction!

I'm convinced Moo is a person stuck in a cat's body. He likes to use the toilet, take showers, and eat with his hands. Although, If he had thumbs I'm sure he'd prefer to use silverware instead. If he does use his litter box, he somehow manages to rip off a piece of paper towel, drag it over to the box and then cover it like he's using toilet paper! He's a really big cat but has amazing balance and loves to lay on the thin top of the door.

Moo is about 2 1/2 now and has completely inspired me! Because of him I fell in love with shooting animals and catching their fun personalities. I often do pet portraits now.

Photos courtesy of ©Katie Sokoler (check out Katie's blog here)

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