Motorcyclist Found Ginger Stray Lying on Mountain Road and Did Everything to Save Him


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A motorcyclist found a stray cat lying in the middle of the mountain road. He did everything he could to try to save him.

He was out on a mountain ride when he spotted a cat meowing, pleading for help. The man immediately got off his bike and called to the kitty, hoping he would come to him.


After awhile he realized the kitty wasn't able to move his legs, so he slowly approached him by letting him smell his shoe. The kitty didn't move away so he squat down and petted him on the head.


After noticing the panting, he moved the cat to a shady area and was surprised to see that the ginger stray didn't struggle while he picked him up.

With no box or anything to transport the cat, he decided to tuck the kitty in his jacket and bring him to a safe place as he believed that was his only option to save the kitty.


"Meet Eff-Zee. A stray cat I found in a bad way and needed some serious help," PistnRods said on YouTube.

Watch the full video here: (the video contains adult language. Viewer discretion advised)

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