My Cat Chews on Electrical Cords

My Cat Chews on Electrical Cords


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Chewing on electrical cords can be dangerous to cats. The risk of getting harmed or sparking a fire in the house is a big concern to many cat owners.

It is true that some cats have a craving to nibble, but if you find your cats constantly chewing on non-food items, generally there are two reasons attributed to this behavior:

Dietary Deficiencies:

Cats that are getting inadequate daily nutrition can develop a chewing habit called pica where animals habitually eat non-food items. The reason of consuming unnatural items is because their body lacks certain vital nutrients which help maintain their health, thus their brain starts signaling the body to react to the urgent needs in form of chewing on strange items that might remotely resemble what they really need. In this case, the best solution is to change the cat's food with a nutritious and balanced diet. [Top Dry and Wet Cat Food]

Cats are obligatory carnivores that rely heavily on meat based food. Also, they require amino acids and fatty acids to stay strong and healthy. [How to read cat food labels]


Another very common cause of this chewing habit stems from boredom. This is especially true if you are dealing with a kitten. Certain cat breeds require ample exercise everyday such as the Bengal cats. If they are not getting the stimulating activities they need to fill their day, they will look for entertainment around the house. Often that results in certain destructive behavior such as scratching your favorite furniture or in this case chewing on electric cords.

Some cats chomp on cords because they are not getting enough attention or play time from their owners. They are simply bored out of their mind.

Providing plenty of cat toys or even another cat friend will help resolve the problem. Set up a perch next to a window so your cat can look out and enjoy the moving things outside. Find a few things that you and your cat can do together. Cats love playing with their owners as a way of bonding and having fun.

If your cats are particularly fond of chewing bizarre things, bring at least a pot of fresh grass for them to nibble on. That will satisfy their urge to chew.

Dangers about chewing eletric cords:

It is true that cats can be harmed by chewing cords. Luckily there are products designed to cat-proof electrical cords. You can find them at your local pet stores. Also, in order avert your cat from going back to the cords, you can spray some Bitter Apple, an aversive spray, which tastes awful to cats. It will help propel your cats to stay away from the cords.


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