My First Furry Buddy

My First Furry Buddy


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When I was 3 years old, I saw a cat from my neighbor's house for the very first time. The fluffy cutie caught my eyes right away. I was amazed by how poised and elegant she was. I wasn't sure what I should do to greet her, so I always stood in a distance, looking at her, hoping she would see me too. I became a secret admirer and often found myself trailing behind her. Sometimes I would wait outside the neighbor's house, hoping to catch a glance of the cat.

At the time I owned a little black drawing board that I could carry around with me whenever I went. I loved to draw.

One day I asked my mother what cats liked. My mother mentioned about fish and I kept that in mind. The next day I went to visit the cat, I was prepared. I brought my little drawing board with me and started working on it. The cat tilted her head, not sure what I was busy with, but she calmly sat down, patiently anticipated for my response.

After a minute of scribbling and rubbing on the little black board, a beam of smile emerged on my face. I stopped chalking on the board, blew off the extra chalk, then squat down at the same level as the cat, shyly presented the board to her.

"Here is a fish I drew for you. Are you hungry? I hope you like it" I said quietly.

The cat didn't budge, looking at me puzzled. I insisted to give her the fish so I stretched my arms as close to her face as possible. "I know you like fish. I drew it just for you."

She looked at the drawing board, her nose started to twitch, probing around the edge of the board and sniffling toward the fish I drew.

I was overjoyed, so happy that my heart started to pound. It was the grestest moment of my day. I met a new friend and she was wonderful :-).


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