Nayomi the Quirky Kitty

Nayomi the Quirky Kitty


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Nayomi is a 9 month old kitten living with her best fur friend Maiko. "She is shy when meeting people for the first time, but once she develops a bond, she becomes the most loving little kitty," said Nayomi's mommy Domini Nair.

"With Nayomi, we don't need an alarm clock! Every morning at 6am, she purrs in our ear gently and nuzzles into our faces. She always runs to the front door as soon as she hears her family come home and plops over waiting for a full body petting session. As elegant and graceful as she is most of the time, when it's time for petting, she plops over, and sprawls out. Not very lady like!"

"Nayomi's funniest quirk is her obsession with empty shoe boxes. She will squeeze and contort herself to fit into any size box, and blissfully hangs out in there. We love our sweet little weirdo very very much!"

Photos courtesy of ©Domini Nair.

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