Newborn Rescues from Hopelessness to Happiness

Newborn Rescues from Hopelessness to Happiness


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Kent and Lanie have come a long way from two hopeless newborn rescues to today healthy and happy kitties thanks to volunteers and vets who never gave up on them.

They were rescued along with their mom by the Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center in Greenfield, Wisconsin. "Mom has been recovering nicely from an upper respiratory infection she acquired while at animal control but she now has mastitis, making it difficult to nurse. Complicating matters, the babes [had] upper respiratory infections which made syringe and bottle feeding difficult, if not impossible. Without intervention, we felt they would most likely not make it. We transferred the babes to a critical care clinic... where they [were] tube fed and safely administered antibiotics and other fluids for a few days," said the shelter.

Slowly but surely, the two tiny furballs were nursed back to health.

"Kent and Lanie are amazing and we can't imagine life without them. And while we still have a few key milestones to achieve, their likelihood of survival is nearly 100% at this point," they added.

Two tiny rescue newborns, Lanie and Kent. They were found sick and their mom couldn't feed them

Volunteers and vets never gave up on these tiny ones and they have come through and thrived:

What love can do... they are happy for their second chance at life

Photos by Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center (follow Kent and Lanie's updates on Facebook).

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