Oliver the Little Ginger Fighter

Oliver the Little Ginger Fighter


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Oliver the ginger kitten beat all odds despite his 50/50 chance of survival. Not only did he make it through, he thrived with lots of love and care from his new home. "Oliver is a success story, and is putting on the right amount of weight, 702 grams now, and is playing a lot more daring and interested in things," says Hannah Crick.

Oliver had to be bottle fed when he was rescued. He was very thin and weak even the vet was worried that he might not make it, but his will to live was so strong that it kept him going. Recently he just reached the solid food milestone. "(He) is not having milk any more, and is going through the night without any feeds, and is loving his water," Hannah adds.

Oliver knows his name now and will respond if you call him. He is making tremendous progress and enjoying being loved and spoiled at home. Oliver will have his first injections soon. It's amazing how far he has come since the day he was brought to his forever home. [More photos of Oliver]

Photos courtesy of ©Hannah Crick (flickr: Heczone).

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