Border Collie Found Orphaned Kitten and Won’t Leave Her Side


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A Border Collie pup found a kitten den during a walk with her human mom. She has been guarding and protecting the little surviving calico since.

Meet Otter Pop the kitten and Bunny the pup.

Photo: HeatherKitty

Heather (of HeatherKitty) was out walking her pup Bunny when her dog started sniffing aggressively. That's when she noticed a litter of kittens.

The cat mother was nowhere to be found. She believes that the Mom had abandoned the litter.

"Only one kitten was still alive," she said. The calico baby was the only one that made it. Heather picked her up and rushed home to get her help.

Photo: HeatherKitty

As an animal lover who has three cats of her own, Heather knew exactly what the kitten needed to survive - food and warmth. After filling up her belly, she carefully wrapped up the kitten in a soft towel.

Little Otter Pop fell asleep in her warms.

Photo: HeatherKitty

Soon the bond between the kitten and the pup started to form.

That day Bunny the pup stood guard by the kitten all afternoon.

Photo: HeatherKitty

The tiny calico, whose eyes were still closed, crawled up to Bunny as she tried to look for her mama.

"Otter pop started rooting around on Bunny like she was mom."

Photo: HeatherKitty

"Bunny was apprehensive at first... but she's now settling into her role as mama cat quite nicely," Heather said.

"I think this means the kitten has now adopted the dog."

Photo: HeatherKitty

Bunny cleans her, snuggles with her, and spends a lot of time by her side, watching over her.

The tiny calico nursing away while her 'mama' watching contently.

Photo: HeatherKitty

They were going to bottle feed the kitten until she was old enough to find a home...

Photo: HeatherKitty

But the kitten has already chosen her home, and her new mama, Bunny the pup, is guarding and protecting her for life.

Photo: HeatherKitty

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