Rescue Cat Gives an Orphaned Puppy the Love He Has Been Looking for


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A tiny puppy who lost his mom, has found motherly love again from a cat. A beautiful nursing cat momma is caring for her new baby as her own.

Photo: Michigan Humane Society

Bobby, a tiny Chihuahua pup, was just a couple of weeks old when he was taken in by the Michigan Humane Society after he lost his mother from a car accident.

The staff from the Michigan Humane Society know how critical it is for a young pup to have a nursing mom. They managed to find a cat mother, Gwen, who has a litter of kittens. When Bobby was placed next to the mama, she took him in and started feeding and cleaning him like one of her babies.

YouTube/Michigan Humane Society

Bobby nestling up to his new mom and litter mates.

YouTube/Michigan Humane Society

Even when mama Gwen is eating, her milk bar is always open to all her hungry babies. Being a cat mom is a 24 hour job!

Bobby nursing away while mama is getting replenished.

YouTube/Michigan Humane Society

The kittens love their new brother and even help look after him when mama needs a break.

YouTube/Michigan Humane Society

Bath time meow!

YouTube/Michigan Humane Society

A happy furry family!

YouTube/Michigan Humane Society

Watch the full story here:


Happy family!

Photo: Michigan Humane Society

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