Oscar, the Little Ginger Mischief Maker

Oscar, the Little Ginger Mischief Maker


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Karen Jordan found a little ginger fella in her backyard back in May this year. None of her neighbors had any idea where he came from. It seemed that he was alone by himself, so Karen and her family brought him home and decided that the little guy was there to stay.

After visiting the vet, the little ginger who they named Oscar was 8 weeks old and 2.5 lbs. The only problem he had was ear mites. Luckily "we caught it early. One treatment. Problem solved," said Karen.

"The vet was calling Oscar's arrival serendipity because we lost one of our guys back in August."

Oscar is quite a mischief in his new home. He is constantly looking for adventures and would nap anywhere he'd like. When Karen was about to move an old bed, Oscar did not hesitate and jumped on it, then crawled all over it like a little spidercat. Oscar is a great jumper and a climber.

Photos courtesy of ©Karen Jordan (flickr: icy66). Check out Karen's blog here.

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