Panda the Little Rescue Kitty

Panda the Little Rescue Kitty


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A tiny cow kitten whose eyes just barely opened, was spotted in a wet rainy yard on the Oregon Coast all by himself. There was no sight of the mother cat. He was then brought into the shelter in Tellamook, Oregon. Since baby kittens need around the clock foster care, they found Tami Toth who previously fostered and adopted Fig, a cat who was rescued from the County Dump. "He came to the house on October 5th and he was pretty small and ears flat," said Tami on Facebook.

They named him Panda O'Grady. When they got him, he was only around 10 days old. "He is now just about 5 weeks old and he has already been claimed into a new family. He will be ready to go to his new home when he is 8 weeks old," Tami told Love Meow.

Panda, as tall as a milk bottle

He loves to be held

Interrupted by a nap

Nom nom nom...

Panda meets and greets Fig the first time

Best buddies today

Photos courtesy of ©Tami Toth. Fig Toth’s facebook.

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