Pianist Saves Injured Cats from Streets and They Become His Most Loyal Audience...


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A pianist rescued nine cats from the streets and gave them a home. Now they are his most loyal audience and closest family.

Meet Sarper Duman and his feline friends.

Sarper Duman

Sarper Duman is a pianist that lives in Istanbul, Turkey. Besides his passion for music, he is devoted to his feline family.

He saved all his cats from the streets and brought them back to health. "I have nine cats now. All my cats are from the streets who I found injured and I helped them for all their treatment," Duman told Love Meow.

"I always play piano at my home almost every night and whenever I sit to play, all my cats come around, they hang out with me and they love to sleep around the piano."

Sarper Duman

They love to sit on his keyboard when he is not playing.

Sarper Duman

Duman treats each of his kitties like kings and queens.

"They are peaceful, I am more at peace thanks to them," Duman told Love Meow.

Sarper Duman

One of his cats is blind, and they love to hang out listening to birds sing together.

"His happiest moment when Veysel is at the window. Listening to the birds, getting fresh air is our favorite activity. I hang out an hour every day at the window with my angel."

Sarper Duman

The kitties share a very strong bond with their human dad. They were all found in poor shape, and Duman took them off the streets and adopted them all.

Sarper Duman

Whenever he plays, the kitties gather around and listen.

They are his most loyal fans.

Sarper Duman

Sometimes they like to play with their human or cheer him on as he continues a beautiful piece.

Sarper Duman

One of the cats loves it so much that he joins in for a duet.

Sarper Duman

Duman just recently rescued and welcomed his 9th kitty into their big family.

Every day and night is filled with cuddles and more cuddles.

Sarper Duman

He saved their lives and gave them a forever home, and now they are his most loyal companions.

"They are my life, they are my heart, they are my peace," Duman told Love Meow.

Sarper Duman

Duman and his pianist cat!

An adorable duet!

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