Very Pregnant Stray Cat Runs Up to Man, Meowing for Help

Very Pregnant Stray Cat Runs Up to Man, Meowing for Help


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A very pregnant stray cat ran up to a man, meowing for help. He didn't stand a chance.

Meet Angelina the kitty.

YouTube/Suf Supiani

"She was struggling and searching desperately for food and drink at the garbage area while heavily pregnant," Suf Supiani said.

As soon as the tabby cat saw the guy, who was taking garbage out at the time, she ran up to him, hoping he could help. "She came to me for help with desperation... I decided to rescue her."

He took her in so she could have a safe place to have her babies. The kitty was so happy that she just kept purring and rolling on her back.

"She is a gentle cat and always craving affection."

YouTube/Suf Supiani

Suf took Angelina to the vet's office where they found two tiny babies inside her belly. As the day got closer to delivery, her belly also grew bigger. Suf set up a delivery suite for Angelina, and a while later, she gave birth to a tiny tabby kitten.

The second kitten didn't survive due to complication, but mama was giving all her love and devotion to the single kitten that lived.

YouTube/Suf Supiani

While mama Angelina cared for her baby, she looked after her rescuer, too.

"Angelina knew I was not in a good shape. Her compassion and gratitude towards me was totally unexpected," Suf said.

YouTube/Suf Supiani

"She hugged me to keep my mind positive and she was also busy walking back and forth to feed her baby and then back to showering me with love."

YouTube/Suf Supiani

Suf gave mama Angelina and her baby a forever loving home, so she returned the favor by giving him endless cuddles.

Watch this adorable video:

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