Pudding a Loving and Friendly Kitty

Pudding a Loving and Friendly Kitty


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In Taiwan especially Taipei, it's so crowded that people feel like sardines in a can. That's why many cat lovers and their kitties live in a small home that's less than 20 square meters (200 square feet).

But space does not bother Pudding, a fluffy princess cat who does not only look like a princess, she is regal and acts almost like one.

When she is not happy or not feeling well and does not have the appetite to eat, her mommy will feed her with a tiny spoon one spoonful at a time. She is always graceful and thankful for what mommy does to help her get better.

Pudding is very affectionate and loves to stay by the door every time her mom takes a shower. It's as if she is there guarding and watching over her safety.

Pudding is not afraid of the vet and never gets nervous when she goes to the clinic. She is always kind to every body she meets.

Many cats know their name, but with Pudding, she not only knows her name, she can even say it. When her mommy calls her, she utters out words that sound almost exactly like the word Pudding (Boo Ding) in Taiwanese.

"I believe that must be some sort of talent she has," said Pudding's mom.

Photos courtesy of ©Meeli (Orange).

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