Raising Eyebrows: Sam the Cat and How He Found His Human


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Remember Sam the cat who has distinctive eyebrow like markings? He was spotted abandoned outside a house in New York back in 2012. This little guy with a permanent curious look has become an internet sensation since his pictures first appeared on reddit.

Sam was found as a stray curling up in a ditch near a house. He willingly gave himself up to Amanda Collado who rescued him. "...because he was just so tired of being outside that he didn't fight her. She went to pick him up, he's kinda like 'save me!" said Nette Rodriguez.

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Meet Sam the cat. He has distinctive eyebrow like markings.

He was found abandoned outside a house back in 2012.

He willingly gave himself up to Amanda Collado who rescued him. "She went to pick him up, he's kinda like 'save me!"

Sam may look worried, but he's super playful and full of energy. "Worried is definitely not one of his characteristics."

WATCH VIDEO: Sam the cat and his story

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