Recession Resulted More Stray Animals


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Recession is not just affecting residents in Central California, it's taking its toll on many animals and pushing their owners on the verge of surrendering their pets to the shelters. However, not all families would seek shelters for help when they are incapable of providing for the pets. Many animals have been found roaming on the street or near a dump as the animal abusive cases arise this summer.

A few days ago, a truck driver was spotted throwing several kittens outside the car on Shaw Avenue. Only one kitten survived through the help of a lady who stopped her car and traffic in order to save the kitten. The surviving kitten was then named Steel for his will to live and get better.

SPCA has received a massive stray population this summer, twice as much as that of last year. More people are becoming unable to afford keeping a pet in their family, so they are bringing their pets to the shelters but there is still a significant number of pets that have ended up letting stray.

The rise of stray animals found by the shelters has raised an alert to the community where SPCA is trying to let people know about the devastating situation they are facing right now and hoping more people who could provide a home for the homeless animals to come to the shelters.

SPCA is enouraging pet owners to surrender their pets to the animal shelters instead of abandoning them off the street. They have openned their drop off center, providing 24  hours a day, 7 days a week service. Despite their over capacity situation, SPCA will never turn down any animal brought to them.



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